What is Reiki?       

Reiki Treatment

Reiki is energy, a vital life force within every living thing and every non-living thing on Earth.  It is a Japanese word of two parts: Rei meaning universal or spiritual and Ki meaning life-force or energy.

Reiki is great for relaxation and stress relief: all you have to do is lie down, close your eyes and be open to the experience.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive form of hands-on healing in which the practitioner channels energy from the Source of Creation (God, Goddess, the Universe) into the recipient.  The practitioner's hands touch the body lightly in different places for a few minutes each to encourage the Reiki to flow.  This does not include any intimate areas.  Reiki flows through the entire body, seeking out areas of blocked energy and gently clearing these blockages to allow energy to flow freely and restore the body's energetic balance.

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